868 Mesh Fencing - Twin Guard - Narangba Demons Baseball Club Boundary Fencing

Narangba Demons Baseball Club, just north of Brisbane, needed a new boundary fence to surround parts of their ground and were looking for costing for a new Chain Mesh Fence. On this search they came across us at Collinson Fencing and our representative went to visit the site. After looking at the customer's requirements we recommended a new type of fencing..

868 Mesh Fencing / Twin Guard Fencing

868 Mesh Fencing, sometimes referred as Twin Guard Fencing, is a rigid mesh system that is very new on these shores. It is used widely in Europe over the last few years as a replacement to Chain Mesh Fencing. There is nothing wrong with Chain Mesh which still has its uses but this mesh system is rapidly becoming a more useful replacement in many circumstances. And as a replacement to an old fence around a baseball pitch, a softball pitch, tennis court, ball court or any boundary where a more rigid fence is required it is perfect!

Baseball Fencing Brisbane

When a baseball or player hits a Chain Mesh Fence it stretches a little bit. Over many weeks and many hits it stretches more and more until eventually it is so out of shape that it needs to be replaced. With a new 868 mesh panel fence the longevity of your Baseball boundary fencing will be vastly increased due to the strength and design of the mesh system.

Ball Pen Construction Brisbane

As part of the contract with Narangba Baseball Club there was a requirement for new Ball Pens for the batters and pitchers to warm up in. This need to be an area that is surrounded much the same as a Cricket Net to ensure the balls are not flying around randomly. We constructed 4 new ball pens as part of the boundary fence. As the fencing is so strong it formed one side of the Ball Pen with the roof and other side being clad with metal corrugated sheets. As well as these ball pens we also constructed a new Scorers Box.

If you run a Baseball Club or any sporting facility in or near Brisbane and need a price for a more rigid fence please contact Collinson Fencing today.


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