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Collinson Fencing supply and erect Palisade Fencing Australia wide to provide a physical and visible deterrent to help prevent unauthorised people from entering your property. Due to the design of Palisade fencing it can easily accommodate most site layouts and there are many different options such as different pales sections and pale tops meaning Palisade fencing can be used for most applications from an industrial complex to a low level school fence.

Boundary Security Fencing

If you own an industrial or commercial property then the chances are you will have items that need securing from predators. You may have expensive stock that you intend to sell or expensive machinery that all needs protecting from


Collinson Fencing have been supplying and erecting Palisade fencing for many years in the UK and Australia and have seen all types of site conditions so are perfectly suited to complete your new security fence. Collinson Fencing has been trusted with completing Palisade Fencing for such clients as London Underground, Network Rail, Thames Water and numerous Local Authorities. We have the skills and the knowledge to supply and install your new Palisade Fence to suit your individual requirements.


Palisade fencing is supplied piece small and erected on site to easily accommodate different site requirements. The posts are generally a 102mm x 44mm RSJ or can be increased to 127mm x 76mm RSJ for higher fences for sites that require heightened security. The posts are set at 2.75m centres and either concreted into the ground or can have baseplates attached for them to be four times bolted to an existing solid base such as a concrete floor or to the side of a brick wall.

The pales used are either a D section or a W section and can have rounded and notched top or a triple pointed top for extra security. The thickness of the pales can be adjusted to suit your requirements as well. The D section pale is normally 3mm thick and the W section normally 2mm thick but can be increased if stronger pales are required.

The rails are generally 50mm x 50mm RSA but can be decreased or increased dependant on the site requirements.

The whole system is securely bolted together using security nuts and bolts. The bolt is designed to fit perfectly with the desired pale section and the nut snaps off to leave a cone attached to the bolt so intruders cannot undo.

The finish of the posts, rails and pales can be supplied and installed in a standard galvanised finish to prevent rust and degradation or can also have a polyester powder coated finish in a colour of your choice.

Palisade Gates are also available in either small single leaf for a personnel entrance or double leaf gates for vehicle entrances. All gate specifications are to suit the size of the desired gate.


Palisade Fencing can be supplied and erected all over Australia but out main area of service is Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Redlands Queensland. Palisade fencing is such a versatile fence in can be used in a number of locations. It is perfectly suited to the following uses:

  • Security Fencing
  • Industrial Fencing
  • Commercial Fencing
  • School Fencing

Examples of Our Work

Below are some examples of work carried out by Collinson Fencing. Hovering over the images will display a slightly larger image and clicking on an image will take you to that specific project page showing the specifics of that fence.

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