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Bollards are the perfect way to prevent vehicular access to an area without having a physical barrier such as a fence therefore allowing pedestrian access. Available in different heights, sizes and finishes there are bound to be perfect bollards to suit your budget. Collinson Fencing have been manufacturing and installing bollards for many years so if you want them supply only or want them installed for you, you have come to the right place!

Ram Raiding Brisbane

Ram Raiding used to be an issue in the UK many years ago but has been largely eradicated due to the installation of Bollards outside retail premises. Ram Raiding is the cowardly criminal act where a perpetrator steals a car and then uses that car to ram the front of a retail or commercial premises either for their amusement or as a way of gaining access to the property to steal some or all of the contents. Strategically placed Bollards outside the property allows ease of access for customers but prevents vehicles getting through to the exterior walls, windows or door.

Stainless Steel Bollards Brisbane

Stainless Steel Bollards are the top end of the Security Bollard market and are ideally suited to the outside of retail premises to help prevent ram raiding or to even provide complete ram raid prevention. They remain looking good as new for many years and fit in seamlessly to the environment so your customers will hardly notice them there. The strength of the Stainless Steel Bollards means that it would take a very large vehicle to move them let alone get through! Normal Stainless Steel Bollards are grade 304 which will stand the test of time in normal environmental conditions.

They can be inserted into the ground, using a core drill if necessary for a neater finish, and surrounded with concrete or bolted to the existing ground.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Bollards Brisbane

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Bollards are ideally suited to more aggressive environment such as industrial or coastal areas and can be supplied only or supplied and installed by Collinson Fencing.

Concrete Bollards Brisbane

Our Concrete Bollards are manufactured right here in Brisbane and are available by Collinson Fencing for supply only of supply and install. They are perfectly suited for, and have been used extensively by Redlands Council, as a barrier to parks. Many councils already use timber bollards to do this job with a couple of issues. Firstly they are easy to remove. Secondly they rot and thirdly they are CCA treated timber. CCA was banned in Europe many years ago due to possible harm it may cause to the environment. While still perfectly legal in Australia we prefer the concrete bollards due to the strength and environmentally friendliness.

Steel Bollards Brisbane

Steel Bollards are a cost effective way of securing an industrial area from unwanted vehicular access. They are concreted into or bolted down to the existing ground or can even be removable and secured with a padlock and can be filled with concrete for an even sturdier finish.

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